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Requirements! Read this First before posting!

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Rules joining

To join -{GoC}- known as Gears of Chaos.

You must be a least a decent sawer
and have good ping (around 0 - 100 ping)

It is required that you are active on the site and in the clan.
Also it is mandatory you have xfire.

Here is recruitment sign-up
Soldat name:
Ping in SnL:
How long playing in SnL:
People you know (must contain a person):
Why do you want to join:

After you Sign-up one of the Leaders will decide who will get to test you within our server. (It may even be a leader)

You will be observed on 3 things and will be asked questions.
You will be observed on: the Test, your ping, and if you have xfire.
Questions well be like: Can you cannonball? What is your strategy?
Failure to pass one of the 3 observed will result in denial.

Tests will be taken in our server and counted in caps
You must beat or have a close match against a leader 10-8min.
If you were to challenge a member you must beat him or close match 10-8min

Good Luck!
Very Happy

Questions? post here!

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Updated Rules! 3/8/09

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