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Clan Rules

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1 Clan Rules on 3/8/2009, 3:30 pm

Clan rules

1)It is mandatory that you are active with the site and clan. Failure to do so within not notified you are gone or just did not play, posted, or logged in Xfire within a week will result in a dismemberment.

2)You cannot be in 2 clans, BUT you may have a subclan!
-{GoC}- Clan tag must go before your name!
Only Subclans go after your name!

3)Give respect to other players! If you are disrespectful to one another you maybe be put in a suspension (not being able to join in a clan war) or possibly if it continues you will be kicked out.

4)If a recruitment is in process, you may NOT test the person joining! Leaders can only give tests unless you were assigned to test that particular person!

5)No hacking whatsoever in this clan! If you are caught hacking you will be dismembered and banned on all !elite servers immediately!

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2 Re: Clan Rules on 3/10/2009, 11:44 pm


Rule 4!

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Rule 5!

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